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I guess... I'll just have kill you MYSELF.
~ Quote before the Void appears on Wave 40

The Void is the final boss encountered on Wave 40. It is one of the slowest zombies in the game. To make up for this, Void has an extremely high health of 500,000 HP. It has three offensive abilities to aid it in its quest to defeat the towers.



The Void is similar to the third version. The crystal on its torso and multiple big spikes on its back are now neon pink with a slight glow. It appears to have purple veins covering its body and a spiked crown.

Third Version

The Void's head and arms were black while its legs and torso were purple. It wore a reddish-purple crown and has black silhouettes of zombies attached to its legs, torso, and head. Spikes also protrude from its back.

Second Version

The Void almost had the exact same details aforementioned; however, the coloration of the torso and legs were red granite instead of the current purple granite. It also lacked the spikes. In its second state, the silhouettes of zombies appear in a more panicked state. This state has not been changed yet.

First Version

The Void had an entirely different style, with metallic, pale-blue arms, a head, diamond-plated red torso. Its legs featured sky-blue-shining zombies with two bigger versions stuck on it's shoulders. This Void also had a different, much more simplistic design of the crown in gray color. It was also much smaller and three would spawn at a time. It also had grey and metallic humanoid-like bodies stuck to its torso and back.

Offensive Abilities


Shortly after spawning in, Void will scream, creating a large blast wave that covers a major portion of the map. This will stun ground towers within its range and also take 5,000 damage to units in the range except for the Stryker.


The Void is capable of summoning 3-4 zombies in sets, including the Spawn1 (1200HP), Spawn2 (900HP), Spawn3 (1400HP) and Spawn4 (1800HP).


The Void will occasionally stomp on the ground, stopping briefly to create a short shockwave. This stuns all towers affected by it for 6-7 seconds and take 5,000 damage to any units in the range except for the Stryker. The Aviator, along with cliff towers are immune to both this and the Void's scream.


  • Max level Zeds and max Graveyards deal considerable damage with their far range and continuously chip away at its health by ramming into it. However, Void's stomp can take 5,000 damage to nearby Zeds before they crash into Void.
    • Micromanaging spawner towers (selling spawner towers when they get taken out by Stomp or Scream) is a great way to take massive chunks out of the Void's health.
  • Using high DPS (Damage Per Second) towers such as Golden Commando, Zed and Aviator can help quickly take out cannon fodder such as Necromancer Bosses or Boss3s before they can overwhelm your defenses and tank the Void from being focused on.
  • Railgunners deal a lot of damage and don't get stunned by the Void due to the fact that they are a cliff tower.
  • Phasers and Golden Commandos are very helpful for taking down the Void, and near essential in shorter maps. Phaser can lock onto the Void and do massive damage while Golden Commandos will attack other enemies that are protecting the Void.
  • Void's stomps are luck based and can occur very often or not at all. It is best to place your damage dealing towers in the back, especially Phasers, so they don't get affected by stomps.
  • A Harpoon Hunter will slightly slow down the Void for 10%
  • Void's scream covers more than half of the map which can stun many ground towers placed and damage spawned units for 5000 hp.
    • Micro-managing (selling and replacing) the damaged units is advised to counteract this.


  • The Void is currently the third-largest zombie in the game, the first being Grim, second being Revenant, fourth being Frosty, fifth being King Jack, sixth being Jack, and the seventh being SantaBot.
    • The Void was briefly smaller than SantaBot from 12/20/2017 to 3/22/2018. However, in the 3/22/18 update, Void was increased in size to be slightly bigger than SantaBot.
    • The Void is taller than a Robloxian if one were to stand directly beside it (excluding the original Void). However, if you have the character scale gamepass, setting the size to "Large" will make you the size of (the current) Void.
  • The Void is one of the eight enemies to have a unique death animation, the others being Grim, Jack, SantaBot, King Jack, Frosty, Titan and Expired Jack.
  • During the Void revamp, the old animation and sounds weren't replaced despite Void's new looks.
  • It can be inferred from the quote "I guess... I'll just have to kill you MYSELF." that Void is narrating the game and sending zombies at the players.
    • It is unknown whether Void sent the zombies in Wave 0000000 since it is a unique wave itself.
  • The Void is the slowest zombie in a regular game with a speed of "Extremely Slow". This trait is also shared with the Guardian.
  • The Void is one of the few zombies that can summon other zombies, the others being the Necromancer, Mystery, Mystery2, Necromancer Boss, Reaper and Grim.
  • The Void's screech comes from Call Of Duty Zombies.
  • The Void's death sound is a lower-pitched yell from the movie Man of Steel, where Superman yelled after he killed Zod.
  • The first void had a Boss3 on it's back.
  • In 2017, the dialog for the Void had been "Well then, I guess I'll just have to kill you MYSELF!! Time to meet your DEATH!!!".
  • This boss is tied with the Revenant for having the exact amount of health.
  • In real life, a void literally means empty or nothing.
  • Jack from level 5 graveyard its ( currently ) the only spawn tower that survive to void scream and stomp.


  • Void could get stuck on the road on a large object before the patch, such as a Zed obstructing its path.
  • On Dead End Valley, the Void can get stuck coming through the entrance, meaning that your biggest threat can be easily killed. However, it can still stomp, stunning your towers from taking out the rest of zombies that come before it.
  • When the Airstrike Glitch on the Commander occurs, all attacks from Void break entirely. The radius of the attacks never increase, meaning they are soft locked and useless, ensuring an easier win with the cost of broken Commanders.
  • Golden Scouts and Hallowboomers can be permanently stunned by Void's scream or stomp.
  • Once dead, Void’s death animation may fail, causing him to be stuck and dead while still walking. Although no stomps or summoning abilities can happen, This commonly happens when Void manages to get stuck, the glitch will fix itself as Void disappears shortly after you triumph. If Wave 0000000 does occur with Void being glitched, Void will remain there until Wave 0000000 is finished by either triumphing or being defeated.
  • On the Castle map, Void freezes and stays there until he is killed.
  • At the beginning of Wave 40, the text that is displayed is missing a "to." It should say "I guess... I'll just have to kill you MYSELF.", however, it says "I guess... I'll just have kill you MYSELF."
  • On all maps, Void cannot be lit by Hallowboomer projectiles unless Void is in the radius of the Hallowboomer explosion. When Hallowboomer fires at the Void, the pumpkins go in circles around Void's legs and don’t explode.
  • On maps with obstacles close to a path such as Borderlands, Void can suddenly float in the air to avoid the obstacle before it comes down when it has crossed said obstacle.
  • If the Void gets hit by enough Zeds or Patrols, the Void will get stuck and the death animation will not occur after it is killed.

Patched Glitches

  • When the player is upgrading a tower right as the tower gets stunned, added cosmetics do not show up. This has been patched with the "This tower can't be upgraded now." error message.
  • Previously, the Flamethrower and Cryo-Gunner would have been permanently disabled by the Void's stun. This has been patched as of the 9/18/2018 update.
  • There was a bug where Void could not stomp. However, this was patched during the 12/25/2020 update.

Update History


  • (8/??/17) Void added to the game.
  • (8/23/17) Cryo-Gunners can no longer freeze the Void.
  • (9/14/17) Total number of Voids spawned decreased from 6 to 4.
    • Void's health is increased (100,000 → 180,000)
  • (9/14/17) Void death animation is added to the game.
  • (3/22/18) Void also gets a revamp and design change.
    • Void's health is buffed. (180,000 HP → 200,000 HP)
  • (3/22/18) (Update Patch) Void's health is buffed again 200,000 to 500,000. However, only one void will spawn.
  • (5/17/18) The Void was revamped. It can now summon zombies such as Boss1, Lava, Lightning, Boss2, Hidden Boss, and Mystery2. It can now also stun towers and destroy spawned units from Spawner towers when stomping.
  • (9/10/18) Void can no longer collide with objects near the path.
  • (9/12/18) Void's health is lowered by 50,000. (500,000 HP → 450,000 HP)
  • (8/10/19) Void now appears on Wave 40 instead of 38. Void made about 10.55% bigger.
    • Void's health is increased again to its original health. (450,000 HP → 500,000 HP)
  • (7/22/20) Void's appearance revamped, Void stomps are now twice as rare, and spawns Spawn1, Spawn2, Spawn3, Spawn4 instead of random zombies.
  • (7/22/20) The Void will now say “I guess... I‘ll just have to kill you MYSELF.” at the beginning of Wave 40 instead of its original quote, “ERGG*.. I'LL JUST KILL YOU MYSELF!”.
  • (8/3/20) Void added back in Versus along with Guardians.
  • (12/25/20) Void now has a health-bar when spawned.
    • Stomp deals 5,000 damage to spawned units instead of instantly destroying them.


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