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For the songs played by the DJ, see Soundtrack.


The DJ is a Support Tower that boosts nearby units and decreases upgrade costs at higher levels, but cannot deal damage. At level 1, the DJ gives a 15% fire rate boost to all nearby towers. A Level 4 DJ will provide a 30% fire rate boost and a 20% upgrade discount. A Level 5 DJ will provide a 35% fire rate boost. There is a limit of two DJs per player. The player can customize the songs that the DJ plays if they have the "DJ Custom Songs" game pass.


The DJ has a black torso, with black and gray sleeves and black gloves. He has a headset on, with one hand holding it. It has a turntable in front of it, with two large speakers on the sides, and one under the turntable.


Louder Speakers ($600)

  • Largely increases the affected radius of the fire rate boost.
  • Added Cosmetics: Speaker rims turn grey to white.
  • Sell price changes to $425.

Thrifty ($2000)

  • All Towers in the radius of the DJ have upgrade costs decreased by 10%.
  • Added Cosmetics: DJ wears cap and necklace.
  • Sell price changes to $1350.

Encore ($6400)

  • Fire rate now increases by 30% and upgrade costs are decreased by 20%.
  • Radius is increased
  • Added Cosmetics: Its rig is platformed with lights and additional equipment, its necklace turns from silver to gold.
  • Sell price changes to $3950.

Apocalypse Rave ($12600)

  • Unlocks the Apocalypse Rave ability. this ability makes all zombies in radius dance (Roblox default dance) in distraction for 8 seconds (this varies depending on the zombie's max HP) and increases the music volume. DJ also does a hype dance while holding his headphones.
    • It has a 40-second cooldown and the ability has weaker effects on bosses. Boss4, Guardian, and Void are immune to this.
  • Slight range increase.
  • Fire rate now increases by 35%.
  • Added Cosmetics: DJ's rig is bigger and now has stage lights, DJ wears shades.
  • Sell price changes to $10250

Total Cost: $22550


  • In solo survival, Commander is superior to DJ as the fire rate and range buff makes a large difference. However, duos and beyond allow for DJ to be used in conjunction with the commander due to there being more tower slots overall.
  • Placing DJ in the middle can help spread its discount and fire rate buffs. This can be especially helpful with making Level 5 Farms cheaper.
  • Avoid using the DJ and Commander together in solos, as their fire rate buffs are multipliers and are less cost-efficient when used together.
  • Placing a Level 3 or 4 DJ near Farms can allow you to synergize and upgrade Farms for cheaper prices and improve your economy more easily.
    • This also applies to extremely high-cost towers like Zed or Golden Commando can also have thousands of dollars be shaved off for having an upgraded DJ that has discount buffs.


  • Before the DJ was released, a "Coming Soon" sign with the DJ pictured on it was found on a billboard in one of the maps in the lobby. In addition, the small text under the "Coming Soon" was a text saying "Eventually... lol".
  • Pressing "X" while hovering one's mouse over the DJ can mute its music.
  • DJ was initially planned to cost 1000 credits and have a starting cost of $1000.
  • The DJ, along with the Farm, Scarecrow and Resting Soldier are the only towers that do not damage the zombies in any form.
  • In the Halloween 2018 and Winter Event, the DJ would sometimes freeze respective final bosses, King Jack and Frosty, indefinitely.
  • DJ has a custom music game pass that allows you to play any music ID from the Roblox library. It does not work on mobile devices.
  • When a Triumph has been achieved while the Apocalypse Rave ability is active, the song will continue until the end of the song.
  • The DJ is the second tower that has gloves at level 1 without needing an upgrade, first being the Fragger.
  • The Song Stronger (Instrumental) seems to be one of the most loved songs by players of Tower Battles.
  • the Level 5 Upgrade Icon is different to any level of DJ.


  • In the Halloween 2018 and Winter Event, the DJ would sometimes freeze respective final bosses, King Jack and Frosty, indefinitely.
  • Since the (7/22/20) update, buying the 'Encore' or 'Apocalypse Rave' upgrades will glitch out the DJ, unable to buff towers and it will stop playing music. The ability is stuck at 40 seconds for its cooldown. Lag seems to be the issue, and it happens more often on Midnight Road, Wasteland, or other laggy maps. It has been patched.
  • Buying 'Apocalypse Rave' will seemingly make the range of the DJ decrease; however, the range actually increases.
  • DJ's custom music gamepass does not work on mobile.
  • Some players cannot see the DJ music box which is still unpatched.
  • The DJ’s apocalypse rave ability will sometimes glitch with the timer being stuck, rendering the ability useless. It is advised to sell and replace the DJ to fix this glitch.
  • Sometimes, zombies that were caught in the apocalypse rave ability are stuck in a dance pose until they die, but they can still move at the same speed they always do.

Patched Glitches

  • DJ was able to glitch into the ground, this has been fixed in the 2/10/19 (Winter Event) update.

Update History


  • (8/27/18) DJ is added to the game.
  • (8/28/18) Bug about Railgunner not getting a discount buff from DJ is patched.
  • (10/27/18) DJ now shows the name of the song currently playing just above the credits.
  • (2/10/19) Fixed DJ glitching into the ground.
  • (7/22/20) DJ nerfed.
    • Level 3 DJ cost $1850 $2000
    • Level 4 DJ cost $5200 $6400
  • (8/30/20) all the Copyrighted songs on the DJ got removed.
  • (12/25/20) DJ stat buffs mechanics reworked (along with Commander)
    • Changed to (original / (1 + boostOutOf100)) from (original / ((100-boostOutOf100)/100)
      • Percentages an no longer exponentially increase to above 100% with this new formula.
    • Level 1 firerate boost 10% → 15%
    • Level 3 firerate boost 20% → 30%
    • Level 5 firerate boost 30% → 35%


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